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E-commerce Solution

E-Commerce means buying and selling of goods and services across the internet. Websites that sell products are highly interactive and entice the visitors at the first look. We understand the importance of online transactions and offer a wide range of high-end e-commerce solutions. Our strength lies in the fact that we consider the client’s requirements, while developing these solutions. We stay in touch with the latest technological trends and this helps us to gain an edge over our competitors. Client satisfaction is crucial to us and we assure to provide the finest e-commerce shopping cart solutions for your website with easy and smooth running of the transaction process and ensure secure and safe transaction

Shopping Cart:

We develop shopping cart applications for your site that step through the life cycle of E-commerce application development:

• Creating Customized Shopping Cart Shopping
Cart is like a store front where you can display your products, catalogue, price etc. The customer comes to your store through website and selects the item which he requires; after selection gets completed he will be shown with the total amount to be paid for the items he has selected. He would be given an option for paying through Credit Card and complete the transaction.
• Approaching Payment Gateway Service
Provider Now the Payment Gateway Service Provider comes into picture, they are authorized to accept credit card on behalf of merchant. It may be a Bank or Authorized Company who can accept and process credit card online. There are third party merchant accounts available like Paypal or you can have your own merchant account (you will need a business account for it). If you already have a merchant account you will be set it up as ecommerce store with your merchant account services. We do provide merchant accounts as well. Merchant account providers provide us with the payment gateway software that needs to be integrated with the website to enable secure transaction. The providers are been certified by Digital Certified Authorities like Verisign, Paysystems etc which build trust among buyer and can transact safely.
• Integrating Payment Gateway with your Website
This is very important part and the last stage of completing you e-presence. Our Team at Saber SoftTech will integrate the Payment Gateway software with your website to carry online transaction safely and securely.

Ecommerce Application

We specialize in E-commerce development Services such as Website Promotion, website management and maintenance, E-commerce website development and design, E-commerce portal development, we can assist you with:
• Setting up a profitable B2B or B2C E-commerce storefront that is completely customizable to meet your business and brand requirements.
• Sell products to a global marketplace with taxes, duty, discounts, and shipping costs automatically calculated.
• Manage multiple promotion and discounting schemes.
• Completely manage their online store via the Admin panel, a web-based management area.
• Sell more products with intelligent merchandising tools such as cross-selling, promotions, and automated e-mail.
• Manage visitors to the site - keep track of who's on the site and what they are doing.
• Manage the shopping basket - keep track of who wants to buy what.
• Manage customers - handle the conversion from 'visitor' to 'customer', along with all the order capture information.
• Process orders - take the basket and turn the contents into order fulfillment.
• Our highly functional and simple to use E-commerce web designs harness the full potential of the internet and enable your customers to easily buy from you.

We develop professional, affordable, customized ecommerce Solutions, giving you the benefit of:

• Professional web design levels to give greater customer confidence
• Private web-based Admin interface accessibility to change product details for correct operation of some of the advanced functionalities
• Persistent Shopping Baskets, allowing customers to pick up where they left off
• Making it simple for customers to buy online (studies have shown many lose interest when faced with complexities or the need to register)