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01.03. 2015 Saber SoftTech introduced Kiosk software and hardware development section. We started with wide variety of kiosk systems. . read more

01.03. 2015 Saber SoftTech launching product named S-Support, a software for Ticket management for product & service support activities. read more

SABERís innovative methodology has been tested. It include technology, business opportunities or our core competencies, we are driven by innovation at every step. This enables us to deliver assured, best-in-class IT solutions and services to our customers.

Innovation Committee
Set up by Founders, Led by Director. The committee members regularly analyze new idea, new approaches from different areas, and then prioritize resources to effect the innovations. Special funds budgeted for patents and other IP rights heavily reward inventors either as a team or individually.

Research and Development
SABER's research into new technology as well as futuristic methodology to deliver programs helps us stay ahead in the race for advancing efficiency and efficacy in our development practices. Research and Development is a key component of sustainable innovation-led growth. It helps to create the higher value-added products, processes and services on which the future of SABER is increasingly focused. The successes of the businesses in our company are the result of a relentless pursuit of new, innovative solutions and developments. Research and Development plays an important and strategic role but also a structured approach to creativity is used to stimulate innovation in the company.